Joker Purple Golf MK7 GTI by @lucs_tcr

Adamo CJun 16, '23

Check out Lucs Golf MK7 GTI done in Joker Purple and Matte Daytona Yellow!

Sonoma Green Golf 7 GTI by @jakes_tcr

Adamo CMay 8, '23

Check out Jakes Golf 7 GTI done in Ultra Gloss Sonoma Green, Matte Metallic Green and Satin Black!

Featured vinyl wrap Installer Christian Kungl from CKwraps Toronto

VViViD VinylMar 1, '16

One of our best vinyl wrap installers in the country. Christian has been able to successfully wrap almost any vehicle that came his way. He started off using our Carbon Fiber wrap on hoods and roofs and slowly made his way to more difficult materials. Business really took off when he...

Genesis Coupe Vinyl Wrapped in Supercast Black Chrome film

VViViD VinylMar 1, '16

Chrome vinyl wrap is without a doubt the hardest vinyl film to install.   Why is chrome vinyl wrap so difficult you ask? well... the best way to explain this to anyone who hasn't used chrome vinyl wrap in the past is like this...  Chrome is not a color, it's...