Genesis Coupe Vinyl Wrapped in Supercast Black Chrome film

Genesis Coupe Vinyl Wrapped in Supercast Black Chrome film

VViViD VinylMar 1, '16

Chrome vinyl wrap is without a doubt the hardest vinyl film to install.


Why is chrome vinyl wrap so difficult you ask? well... the best way to explain this to anyone who hasn't used chrome vinyl wrap in the past is like this...  Chrome is not a color, it's a finish.  A colored wrap can be stretched and pulled without distorting the finish and color. When heated, a colored wrap will heal or revert back to it's original shape. A finish vinyl can stretch but the second you stretch a finish too far, you will distort the effect. This is true for all chromes in the industry and other specialty finish films like Holographic films.


Knowing chrome is difficult to install, VViViD has done everything it can to make this challenging wrap easy to handle. It has brought the thickness down from 7 mils to 3.9 mils making it more flexible without heat. The adhesive is also less aggressive compared to other films. This allows for more repositioning and playability. The glue will cure to it's full potential when showered with heat or positioned on the surface for over 48 hours.


Here are some photos of CK Wrap's Genesis Coupe!