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Free Shipping

Enjoy free shipping on all orders over 99$! (Available exclusively within the contiguous USA.)

100% Money-Back Guaranteed

Try up to 20% of your vinyl ( 10 feet maximum ) and if you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll pick up the rest of the roll and give you a full refund! *Return shipping cost may apply.*

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You Don't Want To Miss This...

Spend 75$ or more on vvivid shop, and get 3 months of free membership on ckwraps.com

Get access to hours of exclusive tutorial content from a world renowned wrap master. And save thousands of dollars by wrapping your car yourself .A coupon will be sent to your email after your purchase.

requirements: 1) order total is 74.99$ or more. 2) allow email notifications at checkout or it won’t send email.


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Want to Get Featured?

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First Time Wrapping?

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Company Updates


Trust & Transparency

Better Shipping And "In-stock" rates thanks to MCF by Amazon.

Warranty now includes discontinued insurance for all buyers.

New Material formula to be implemented.

All Gloss films will have enhanced finishes.

Real Reviews.

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Introducing Warehouse Deals

A selection of discounted, brand-new VViViD products!

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