VViViD+ HoloHex Chrome


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HEX chrome is a test film that was first spotted during a trial/test on the popular ckwraps youtube channel. https://youtu.be/5cjtghERZNg 

The amount of interest we received was incredible for this product so we decided go through with production. This is a unique, smoke tinted holographic film with a hexagonal pattern embedded into the finish. 

NOTE: This film is sensitive to heat, the holographic print can distort when heating and stretching.  Use a small test piece to understand limitations. Film is extremely flexible and should be cold stretched where possible.


Product Description

  • Texture: High gloss
  • Thickness: 4.2 mils 
  • Features: VViViD Diamond Air-release, Non-stretch Cast Cap.
  • Application: Dry
  • Expected durability: 2-4years
  • Conformability: High Potential, Low stretch recommended.
  • Skill level needed: Medium - High