Vehicle Maintenance How do I take care of my MATTE or SATIN vinyl wrapped vehicle?

Vehicle Maintenance How do I take care of my vinyl wrapped vehicle?

When it comes time to make your wrapped car shine, always take extra precautions when maintaining your film. Here is a detailed list of to-do’s and not to-do’s when it comes to cleaning and maintenance.

Cleaning and maintaining a matte or satin finish: When dealing with flat finishes, it’s important to note the following in wrap care.


1- Never use automotive cleaning products that contain wax and other compounds used to protect paint. Waxing a matte or satin finish will ruin the look of your wrap. If you’ve made this mistake, you may be able to restore your finish with our VVIVID Renew Matte Detailer Spray.

2- If you’ve got grease, fingerprints or hard-to-remove contaminants, we suggest using a strong “wrap safe” cleaner (VViViD Eraser Spray) on the area. Gently wipe away any hard-to-remove substances, aggressive rubbing can cause a polishing effect with irreversible damage, wipe gently!

3- AUTOMATIC CAR WASHES : Never put your vehicle through an automatic car wash as they use waxing agents in their soaps. Pressure from water jets and hot air can cause vinyl to lift.

4- HAND CAR WASHES(PAID) : Although certain establishments will know how to clean and maintain matte or satin finishes, most don’t. You won’t have control over the types of cleaners used. We suggest calling and inquiring about services they may offer for matte finishes.

5- PRESSURE WASHERS : There is nothing wrong with pressure washing your vehicle. We do suggest however that you do not expose seams, edges and corners to direct water pressure. Prolonged exposure to pressure may cause the wrap to unravel.

6- FUEL SPILLS : When fuelling up, never let fuel drip on your vinyl wrap. It’s been known to damage finishes and discolor surfaces. In the event where fuel comes into contact with your wrap, quickly wipe it off. You can use the free windshield squeegee if you don’t have anything with you to wipe off fuel.

7- SQUASHED BUGS AND BIRD DROPPINGS: Use a strong cleaner ( VVIVID Eraser Spray ) and let it rest for 30 seconds, gently wipe off before it dries. Don’t let squashed bugs or droppings sit on your wrap too long as they contain ammonia and other contaminants that don’t react well with vinyl.

8- EXTEND THE LIFE OF YOUR WRAP: Using our VViViD Shield on a wrap has been known to greatly improve the longevity of vinyl. We suggest using this between washes to keep your wrap looking fresh. It will help resist chemicals and contaminants. (safe for matte wraps.

VViViD wrap films contain substances and additives to protect it’s finishes from certain chemicals, environments and climates. Over time, these additives can lose it’s effectivity when the wrap is not properly maintained.