COVID-19, VViViD and Vinyl wraps! With change comes change.

These troubling times have brought so much fear and uncertainty. Montreal has been one of the hardest cities in the world and dealing with the consequences have been hard on all of us personally an in business. With that being said, we wanted to get personal with you and really explain how it has affected us and how we plan to go forward.

When quarantine became a thing, we decided to close VVIVID operations for three weeks until we were better prepared, organized and informed to reopen. In these times we received overwhelming requests for material in order to produce signage for hospitals, streets, testing centres and businesses in our area. We opened to cater to the effort and slowly opened our systems and shops for the general public. Many of our employees did and still do not feel safe coming to work.

The demand for material from end consumers has been tremendous. I guess people had time to invest in new projects and take up new hobbies. The search for wraps has tripled online. Vinyl wrap is no longer a hobbyist secret but a general, household product that can be used to change the aesthetics of almost anything!

With this new demand, we have run out of stock of almost everything. Combine this with our initial delay in production from covid-19 and short staff, we were wholly unprepared! 

However, with change comes change. We have added more support staff, we are launching our 2020 edition colors, we have ramped up production to new heights and are a week away from restocking our most popular films. Normalcy is coming and we thank all of you for your patience and understanding in these times!