Liquid Metal, a new vinyl wrap line from VViViD!

Liquid Metal, a new vinyl wrap line from VViViD!

The new vinyl wrap line "Liquid Metal" by VViViD Vinyl is going to take the industry by storm.

What is it? Why is it different from other metallic wraps?

The Liquid Metal line is manufactured using chrome powder NOT metallic flake. Chrome powders are blended in our plastisol mixture to create an intense metal finish reminiscent of the terminator T-1000 "liquid metal". 

Secondly, the fact that we are using powders and not metallic flakes is due to the actual thickness of these particles.  When mixing in large metallic flakes, it creates an uneven bumpy texture that takes away from the high gloss finish.  When using powder, we do not get these bumps on the surface, just a super wet deep high gloss finish.

Blue Liquid Metal Vinyl Wrap

Yellow gold liquid metal gloss vinyl wrap

These are photos of the first products being tested on speed shapes.