VVIVID XPO Gloss Aqua Blue Liquid Metal Vinyl Car Wrap Film Diy Easy to Install No-Mess Decal (3ft x 5ft)


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  • ASIN : B01HFM55K0
  • UPC: 628856060513

Experience a finish unlike anything you’ve ever seen with VViViD Vinyl’s Aqua Blue Liquid Metal Vinyl. Made with chrome powder, this film offers an incredibly glossy metallic finish and vibrant color. Our vinyl's super high-gloss vinyl wrap material is easy to install at any skill level and offers a durable, scratch, grime and water resistant surface. The vinyl features our one-of-a-kind air-release acrylic-based adhesive which is not only mess-free but is completely slideable, repositionable and removable, making every installation a breeze. Once installed, VViViD Vinyl will last 5-7 years on your car, truck, boat, aircraft or other motor fleet vehicle. This material is perfect for Do-It-Yourselfers of any skill level, whether you’re a seasoned professional or if this is your used for your first wrap. How to Install? 1. Clean the surface as thoroughly as possible ( isopropyl alcohol is best). 2. Peel the paper backing from the vinyl sticker and apply. 3. Once vinyl is applied, you can use heat to activate the adhesive. Use a heat gun or hair dryer and softly press the film into place. 4. Take a sharp blade and carefully cut vinyl to shape of the panel. For more detailed instructions, please visit the manufacturers website for more info.