VViViD+ Satin Space Pearl (White to Purple)


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VViViD presents VViViD+ Satin Pearl White; A stylish, yet subtle texture, that shimmers with reflected colors, and showcases every curve of your vehicle with eye-catching metallic highlights

Highest Grade Material: VVIVID+ offers unbeatable scratch resistance, reliability and durability. Our micro air-release pattern makes for a beautiful, bubble-free finish

Easy Installation: VViViD+ adhesive is designed to be slideable on the surface during installation, allowing you to correct any alignment issues before the glue sets! Adhesive will cure after 24 hours (for immediate tack, activate using heat)

Long Life: VViViD+ vinyls are engineered with Self-Healing technology, and are chemical and water resistant, for indoors and outdoor use. It can also be removed without harming the underlying paint

Market Leading Technology: VViViD+ films are ready to use right out of the box, no liquids or messy, toxic chemicals needed. So easy, even a beginner can use it!