VViViD REV Buffer & Polisher (7 Inch - 3800 RPM) - W.D

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  • Easily remove scratches, swirls and defects from any vehicle’s paint job. The perfect polisher for DIYers and Professionals Alike!
  • Adjustable 2000-6400 RPM setting with a super efficient 700 watt motor. Perfectly balanced for an effortless glide over paint.
  • Can be combined with 2" - 9" backing plates for universal sanding and polishing.
  • 3 year warranty.
  • Comes with 5/16" spindle backing plate, three buffing and cutting pads, extra handle grip and tools for mounting and removing backing plates.

VViViD offers you the most versatile tools available for DIYers and Professionals alike! VViViD’s REV Random Orbital Sander and Polisher Tools is one of the most robust, functional and affordable detailing tool on the market! This durable, light-weight tool is the ideal addition to any toolbox and is perfectly suited for polishing automotive paint, removing swirls and scratches, spreading waxes and sealants, even scrubbing carpets and restoring dull or scratched headlights. VViViD’s design is simple and intuitive to control and is built to provide years of flawless use. Tackle any task with VViViD!