VViViD REV 12 Inch Impulse Heating Bag Sealer Machine


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  • UPC: 628856060780

REV Impulse sealer offers the ideal plastic packaging sealer for your home or business needs! This sealer uses an electrical current to generate the heat needed to close various kinds of plastic bags in seconds, and since the heat is only active when the machine is in use, there is no risk to you of burns or fires! This sealer includes an adjustable timer to ensure that you have the perfect amount of heat for any kind of packaging (kel-F, mylar, polyflex, P.V.A, polyethylene, polyurethane, polyvinylchloride, polypropylene, pliofilm, tivac and saran). In addition, this sealer features a sliding blade to cut away any excess packaging. Perfectly suited to quickly and uniformly sealing packaging for food products, suppliers, merchandise and virtually any of your other packaging needs! (Please note: Not for use with any paper products or other combustible materials)