VViViD Precision Gliding Knife (MCF)


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Product Description

The VViViD Precision Gliding Vinyl Wrap Knife is so sharp, You don’t need to apply a lot of pressure to cut, making it easy to avoid damaging the panel you are wrapping. Lock your blade in 3 ergonomic positions, ranging from 45 to 60 degrees for optimal accuracy. Expose just the tip of the blade for popping trapped air bubbles in vinyl. Supplied with 5 replacement blades of a widely available design. Store spare blades safely in the supplied container. Our retractable blade means the knife is safely portable, and you’ll never lose a safety cap again. VViViD's Precision Gliding Knife is A garage essential designed for automotive wrapping and related projects. Yet, boasts features useful for any DIY use, at home or work. 

Key Features


  • PRECISION CUTS – Designed to be held like a pencil, so you can draw your cuts with ease and precision, whilst avoiding damage to the paintwork under the vinyl
  • SCORE CUTS – Save your paint by scoring your vinyl with the dull side of the blade
  • ULTRA SHARP – Cuts with the lightest pressure, for clean, non-ragged edges. Super-slim and light-weight design prevents wrist strain
  • 3-STAGE SAFETY LOCKING – lock the blade shut, or open in 3 positions; expose the tip of the blade for popping air bubbles in vinyl; expose half, or all of the blade for other uses
  • COST-EFFECTIVE – Comes with 5 replacement blades of a design widely available in hardware stores
  • CONVENIENT DESIGN – VViViD’s retractable blade means there is no cap to lose, making it safe and portable. Lay it on a surface, and the flat-design prevents it rolling away