VViViD HEX-LED Modular Garage Lights + Booster Pack


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Product Description:

Illuminate your garage with the VViViD HEX LED Modular Garage Lights, the perfect solution for customizable and energy-efficient lighting. With a modular design, effortlessly adapt and expand your lighting system to suit your changing needs. Achieve optimal lighting layout and coverage by adding or repositioning modules as desired. Emitting a cool white light at 6500K temperature, these lights provide clarity, contrast, and accurate color representation for your workspace. Experience reduced maintenance with their long lifespan and durability, minimizing the need for frequent bulb replacements. Enjoy energy efficiency with HEX LED lights consuming significantly less energy than traditional options, leading to lower electricity bills and a reduced environmental impact.

25 Tube Kit includes: 25 Tubes, 12 120° Connectors, 13 Y Connectors, 1 Plug, 3 Wire Nuts, 1 Cable Switch Plug, 30 Screws, 22 Tie Wraps, and 1 Plastic Card.

57 Tube Kit includes: 57 Tubes, 18 120° Connectors, 28 Y Connectors, 2 Plug, 6 Wire Nuts, 2 Cable Switch Plug, 60 Screws, 60 Tie Wraps, and 1 Plastic Card.