VVIVID+ Glossy Smurf Blue Vinyl Car Wrap Film DIY Easy to Install No-Mess Decal (1ft x 5ft)


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Now you don’t need to buy a sport’s car to be able to drive with the same unique style thanks to Gloss Smurf Blue. Our vinyl's super high-gloss vinyl wrap material is easy to install at any skill level and offers a durable, scratch, grime and water resistant surface. The vinyl features our one-of-a-kind air-release acrylic-based adhesive which is not only mess-free but is completely slideable, repositionable and removable, making every installation a breeze. Once installed, the vinyl will last 5-7 years on your car, truck, boat, aircraft or other motor fleet vehicle. This material is perfect for Do-It-Yourselfers of any skill level, whether you’re a seasoned professional or if this is your used for your first wrap.