VViViD Drill Back Plate + Power Brush Attachment 4" (MCF)


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The VViViD Drill Backing Plate and Stiff Bristle Brush Attachment is the ideal combination for cleaning stubborn stains from hard surfaces, including metals, hard plastics, bricks and masonry, bathroom grout, and baked-on grease from grill-pans. Our backing plate is built for high rpm drills, up to 12000 rpm with sand-paper or other light attachments (do not exceed 2000 rpm when using heavier attachments, such as the supplied scrub-brush). The 4” inch / 100mm diameter scrubbing brush has the ideal surface area for cleaning, cutting, polishing, waxing and sanding smaller shapes and contours. It’s ¼” inch bit locks firmly into your drill’s chuck, unlike screw-in attachments which can unscrew during use, creating a safety hazard and potentially damaging the surface you are working on. Lined with heavy-duty hook-and-loop, this durable backing plate grips attachments tightly, for safety and ease-of-use. The VViViD backing plate and brush attachment combo has your needs covered.

  • Soft Bristle brush attachment: Cleans heavy grime on delicate surfaces including leather, vinyl, Alacantra, microsuede, stainless steel, chrome, etc.
  • Medium stiff Bristle brush attachment: Cleans heavy grime on durable surfaces including wood, and general cleaning such as carpets and rugs, outdoor / indoor furniture, car convertible tops, etc. Also great for cleaning grout and tiles.
  • Hard Bristle brush attachment: Cleans stubborn stains on hard surface including metals, hard plastics, bricks and masonry, garden tools, decking, etc. Also great for removing stains from bathroom grout, baked-on grease from grill-pans, and many other uses.