VViViD Model GW1500N Blaze Rapid Heat 1500-Watt Corded Heat Gun (MCF) [Pre-packed, faster shipping]


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The new Blaze Heat Gun combines the latest technology with a durable and style design to ensure you have the best control for your projects.

Features one of the fastest heating elements in the industry, this heat gun is ready to use right out of the box. The conveniently places switch allows you to switch easily between two different modes of heating, and the heat-resistant grip provides greater comfort during use while preventing fatigue. This gun is perfectly suited for any vinyl wrapping projects, but is also useful to home renovation, paint or linoleum removal, shrink-wrapping, welding or bending plastics and finishing epoxy. Tackle any task with VViViD!
    • Rapid heat technology reaches maximum heat in just 3 seconds!
    • Integrated base stand allows for hands-free use.
    • Highly durable and light-weight construction ensures years of flawless use.
    • Ergonomic design features a built-in rubberized heat resistant grip
    • Switch controlled dual-heating modes generates heat from 300C / 120-900 degrees F (Mode1) and 500 C/130-1150 degrees F (Mode2).