VVIVID+ Beast Black (Fur)


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    • VViViD+ Beast Black Vinyl is a one-of-a-kind wrap, only available from VViViD. This eye-catching 3D texture is not printed, but etched, suggesting sleek fur, sprouting from the hide of a wild predator!
    • As part of the VViViD+ line, Beast Black is a complete re-design of our already user-friendly vinyl, packed with labor-saving technologies!
    • VViViD’s hybrid-elastic PVC formula allows for enhanced durability and stretch, as well as being self healing!
    • Low-tack, pressure-sensitive adhesive adds an unparalleled level of playability and speed, especially on larger installations.
    • Unique, air-release adhesive lining features a self-collapsing diamond pattern greatly reduces lifting and bubbling.