VViViD 2 Ton Racing Jack - Low Profile Steel Hydraulic Floor Jack - W.D [MCF]

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  • Light-weight steel frame is highly durable and supports the hydraulic lifting system for precise control.
  • Highly efficient lifting system is incredibly fast and includes a valve to prevent overloading. Lifts quickly and lowers safely!
  • Swivelling wheels permit easy positioning and transportation, even on rough or uneven terrain.
  • Low-to-the-ground design is easy to fit under almost all models of vehicle, as well as being easy to store when not in use. (Minimum clearance height of 3.4", maximum clearance height of 14.5")
  • 2-Year Warrantee!


The VViViD 2 Ton Hydraulic Jack is made with an incredibly light-weight aluminum frame around a heavy duty steel lifting mechanism for utmost strength and durability. Sporting a quick lifting hydraulic system, this jack saves time and features a safety valve to prevent overloading beyond the rated capacity of 2 tons! Also, the rear wheels swivel for easy movement and positioning, even on rough surfaces! Perfect for most models of vehicles.

(Please note: Ensure that you read all included instructions carefully prior to use. Do not get under any vehicle supported by only this jack.)