ULTRA-GLOSS® Metallic Silver Rainbow


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  • Thickness: 3.8 mils
  • Finish: Ultra-Gloss 
  • Application: Dry
  • Features: Clear-Cap, Nano Air-release, Ultra-gloss UV topcoat, enhanced self-healing finish.
  • Adhesive: Acrylic-based, repositionable, Pressure sensitive.
  • Expected durability: 5-7 years.
  • Warranty*: 4 years.
  • Conformability: Very high
  • Skill level needed: Medium.
  • Ease of install: Medium-Hard ( Read changes to prep and install below)

Installation differences:

ULTRA-GLOSS® is the closest thing you can get to OEM paint in gloss wraps. This change makes the film more difficult to prep/install since every imperfection is magnified. Here are some tips to get the best finish from your ULTRA-GLOSS film.

Installation tips 

1. Clay bar: Originally, clay bars have not been necessary for car wraps but with the dramatic increase in finish clarity, small specs and surface contaminants will show through exponentially. Although still not necessary for the integrity of the wrap, it's highly suggested for added surface clarity.

2.  Nano Air-release is there to enhance the finish of the product however it may be harder to remove trapped air on large surfaces. It is suggested to apply the film while holding excess material off the surface. This will prevent trapped air and distortions the in film. In the event of bubbles, press the bubble softly or puncture to let air out.

3. Clear cap: The Clear Cap is a protective layer for automotive wraps that keeps them safe from dust, dirt, and scratches during shipping and storage. It fits snugly over the wrap to create a tight seal that keeps the wrap in pristine condition. With this feature, wraps will arrive at their destination in perfect condition and ready to be applied with minimal prep time.