Prisma65 Aqua Glow In The Dark Pigment Powder 30g


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  • This pigment is a raw material currently used in many VViViD products including the glow in the dark Vinyl Wrap.
  • Glows up to 12.5 hours. Heat resistant up to 950 Degrees. Chemical resistant ( will not lose glowing power when mixed with chemicals like paints, solvents and epoxy)
  • 25 micron powder makes this easy to blend, provides an even coat and pigments will not be visible when mixed.
  • Will not chemically react with epoxies, paints and other solutions ( like cheaper glow in the dark pigments ) Choose VViViD for a safe application!
  • Nontoxic and nonradioactive, harmless to humans and the environment. Suitable for outdoor use, and temperatures -20 to 500° C. Long life (15 years). Can be used for safety signs and road marking.