Mechanic Bench 300lbs Capacity Garage Stool with Detachable Creeper (MCF)


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  • Experience effortless mobility with our 360° swivel wheels equipped with locks. Move seamlessly from one end to another without the need to stand up and lock yourself in place.
  • With strategically placed bottle holders on both sides of the bench for easy access to detailing liquids or other essentials. Stay organized with dedicated trays for your tools and a spacious drawer, perfect for storing additional tools, bottles, towels, and any other necessities you may require.
  • Experience ultimate convenience with a detachable sliding creeper that effortlessly allows you to access the underside of your car. Swiftly detach the sliding creeper from the frame when needed, and seamlessly reattach it when your task is complete.
  • Ideal for a wide range of projects and tasks, including but not limited to Vinyl Installation, Detailing, Mechanical work, Bodyshop tasks, Construction, and much more.
  • Boasting a robust 300lbs capacity, providing ample support for both you and all your essential tools.