Magnetic Squeegees Hard, Medium and Soft, Applicator for Vinyl Car Wrap (MCF)


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For a beautiful, seamless vinyl installation, VViViD’s magnetic squeegees 3-pack provides all the squeegees you need! Designed and manufactured by car enthusiasts with over a decade of experience in the vinyl wrapping industry, we take pride in supplying you with the rights tools for the job.
Hard, medium, and soft squeegees to wrap every kind of surface? Check.
Magnetized to conveniently secure them to working surfaces? Check.
Manufactured for durability, to last you through this, and future, installations? Check!
Tackle any task, with VViViD.

  • 3 LEVELS OF FLEXIBILITY: Brown = hard, for smoothing vinyl onto flat surfaces, or working with thicker vinyl that requires more pressure. Purple = more flex, for gently curved surfaces and perfect edges. Blue = soft, to conform vinyl onto curvy surfaces that would otherwise be difficult to wrap.
  • MAGNETIZED: Stick them to the car you are wrapping, so you have all your tools within arms reach. Stick them together and you have a vinyl-wrapping kit small enough to store in your pocket!
  • PERFECT RESULTS: Using the correct squeegee for each surface prevents unsightly air bubbles and wrinkles that would ruin your vinyl installation. VViViD’s squeegees are purpose-designed to ensure perfect results every time.
  • VINYL WRAP even the most intricate and difficult curves, cavities and contours, where other squeegees would be unusable! Perfect for badges, logos, vinyl wrapping rims, etc.
  • DURABLE: Over time, your paint protection film will sustain scratches and abrasions, and you’ll want to change it. With this 3-pack of squeegees, you’ll have all the tools you need for repeated installations!