Blue One-Way Mirror Finish Window Privacy Vinyl


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Style and security meet in VViViD Vinyl’s colored window tint.

  • Self-Adhesive glue backing is easy to install and prevents film from peeling off window over time
  • Reduces glare and blocks 99% of harmful UV rays, protecting your furniture from fading over time
  • Mirrored finish provides greater privacy and energy retention in your home or office
  • Scratch and water resistant film lasts 5-7 years outdoor or up to 10 years indoors

These durable, long-lasting film provides privacy and security in the daytime when applied to windows in the home or office.The mirror finish provides privacy and deters burglars while the back side of the film is perfectly transparent. This film blocks harmful UV rays and reduces energy costs. (For best results, the room with this film on its window needs to either be unlit or less bright than than on the outside, mirrored surface of the vinyl film. If the room with this film on the windows is brightly lit, the mirroring feature of the vinyl will not function as well or at all)