VViViD+ Gloss Nardo Grey


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Due to popular demand we came out with a new variation of nardo grey that is both a shade darker and less "blue". This product comes with all the newest 2020 technologies including a stable stretch protective cap and our new gloss enhancing air-release. Both colors will still be produced for your preferences. 

2020 Production color recipe:

Blue: 4.70%.    Black: 14.80%.    White: 80.50 %

Classic Nardo grey Production color recipe:

Blue: 7.70%      Black: 7.80%.     White: 84.50%

Product Description

  • Texture:  High Gloss
  • Thickness: 3.4 mils 
  • Application: Dry 
  • USE:  Automotive paint film, Exterior and interior. 
  • Features: Stable-stretch protective cap, VViViD Diamond Air release, Centerpoint Technology, VViViD Heat fuse.
  • Adhesive: Acrylic-based, reposition able, slideable
  • Expected durability: 5-7 years.
  • Warranty*: 3 years
  • Conformability: Very high
  • Skill level needed: Low.

NOTE: in order to release this color in a timely manner, we have had to launch it with XPO release liner for the first batch due to stock issues of the VVIVID+ liner. They are identical in formulation and you will not see or feel a difference.