How long does it take to charge glow in the dark?


First, we must “excite” the glow in the dark phosphors to charge it by means of light absorption. Different light sources, and their own intensity, will provide a different charge.


These are the approximate times for glow in the dark phosphors to fully charge:

Light Source

Approximate Charge Time*

UV (ultraviolet)

Less than 5 minutes

Direct Sunlight

5 to 10 minutes

Fluorescent light bulb

20 to 30 minutes

Incandescent light bulb

20 to 40 minutes


* This assumes a consistent light intensity over a uniform pattern in a controlled environment, real world results may vary.

* Ceramic coatings and other UV-blocking additives may inhibit light absorption and therefore require longer charge times.


How bright is the glow’s intensity?


Brightness varies between 900 to 26,000 mcd/m2 after a full charge and will typically last for about 30 minutes at peak brightness before it settles into a lesser intensity.

To give you an example, glow sticks are typically around 20,000 mcd/m2, and most other retail glow in the dark products are between 1,000 and 2,000 mcd/m2.


Please note, we offer multiple glow in the dark colors but green will appear significantly brighter because human eyes are more sensitive to this spectrum of visible light.


How long does the glow last at night?


Peak brightness lasts about 30 minutes. As time passes, the intensity will gradually dim over time but can last 8 to 12 hours in ideal conditions. This will also be affected by external factors such as surrounding/ambient light sources passively “recharging” the glow.


How many recharge cycles is the glow rated for?


The glow is not diminished by the number of recharge cycles so this is effectively unlimited, but the inorganic phosphors that absorb the light are rated for 20 years. After this it may still glow, but is expected to have 10% less intensity on average.