About Us

About us

Professional Grade material for first-timers skill.

Commitment and Innovation

VVIVID® Vinyl, is a vinyl manufacturer headquartered in Montreal, Canada. More than 30 years of manufacturing experience has set VVIVID® apart from its competitors in terms of innovation, quality and value.

VVIVID® caters to anyone, from installers, designers and DIY'ers. Every product is specifically designed for its own application. Whether the target surface is low or high energy, every vinyl is built to last. VVIVID® has been working closely with their customers to supply a full range of the highest quality vinyls in all colors, textures and finishings.

Our Brands

We have a wide range of brands that cover every category of the vinyl business. From automotive vinyl to raw materials and tools, you can find everything under Vvivid's scope.