We wanted to get personal with you and share some of the exciting news we have for 2020. We will give you insight into our conceptual tests and results and current production!


1. Paint protection film with ultra-gloss nano air-release.

2. Thermochromic films that changes color depending on heat.

3. Photochromic films that changes color depending on time of day.

4. Ultra-stretch ( 300% without heat) wrap films

5. Ultra gloss graphic and sign media.


1. Ultra Gloss line with nano air-release liner in the most popular gloss colors we offer.

2. Candy gloss films will offer the new nano air-release for a super deep ultra-gloss finish.

3. Jumbo pattern camouflage in stealth black. Every pattern will measure approx 24-30" which will be great for full wraps.


Thats all for now, check back for more updates!