DOSE 2 Litre Portable Pump Pressurized Foam Sprayer (MCF)

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  • Get a highly pressurized, foaming spray without the limitations of hoses or noisy electric compressors. Just a few pumps delivers all the pressure you need!
  • Lightweight and compact design features a comfortable pistol-grip handle, allowing for continual use over long periods while minimizing discomfort.
  • Convenient and easy-to-read fill lines let you know exactly how much liquid is left in the large, 2L tank.
  • Perfectly suited for a variety of applications around your home, garden and garage. Great for high coverage when washing wheels, grills, windows and more!
  • Includes three different feed tubes to provide different levels of foam density, from liquid to dry foam. All products have been quality tested before sale to ensure proper functionality every time!