VViViD+ Industrial Utility Diamond Plate Metallic Black Chrome (17.8 inches x 50ft) - W.D

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Product Description

  • ANTI-SLIP: Save your employees from injury, with this Diamond-Plate traction-pattern vinyl. Applies quickly and easily to flat, sealed floors, steps, and industrial equipment.
  • SELF-ADHESIVE: Simply cut the vinyl to the required dimensions with scissors or a utility knife, peel off the backing, and apply! Clean grease, dirt and contaminants from the surface your are applying it to first.
  • EASY TO MAINTAIN: Dirt, grease and grime-resistant surface is easy to clean with soap and water.
  • DURABLE: Diamond Plate vinyl is resistant to curling, cracking, and warping.
  • PEACE-OF-MIND: Ideal for kitchens, garages, workshops, patios, decks, stairs, etc. Cost-effective protection for tenants, guests, customers, and the elderly.