VViViD+ Premium Precision 30° Retractable Utility Cutting Knife


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Product Description

The VViViD+ Premium 30° Retractable Utility Cutting Knife: Wrapping a car is an art form. It requires planning, creativity, skill and an understanding of the science behind the film. Just like art, artists are limited without a proper set of tools. You’ve worked with the rest, but only VViViD offers you the best! VViViD's new Premium Utility Cutting Knife offers the greatest versatility of any other cutting blade on the market today for your automotive vinyl wrapping projects! Perfectly suited for use by beginners and professionals alike! The retractable stainless steel 30 degree blade features an auto-locking system and an anti-vibration guard, ensuring the blade doesn’t slide or slip during use. The light-weight, perfectly balanced construction ensures perfect control, meaning perfect cuts every time. Also, the safety notch facilitates cutting string, twine, ribbon and even wrap-cut tape with the utmost ease and precision. In addition, the built-in, removable blade snapper lets you safety remove dull blades so you’ll never be without a perfectly sharp cutting tool. This tool is the perfect addition to your toolbox for any vinyl wrapping project!

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