VViViD Reversible Self-Healing Gridded Ruled Green Cutting Mat for Siser, ORACAL, Craft Cutting


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  • ASIN: B0746V16JF
  • UPC: 628856061039

Any good arts and crafts project requires planning, creativity, skill and an understanding of the tools needed to execute your vision. As such, artists are limited without a proper set of tools. To the end, make sure that you have the best surface you can work on with the VViViD-brand Reversible, Self-Healing Cutting Mat. Made using a unique composition to layers, this non-slip mat can be cut and sliced dozens, even hundreds of times without leaving any significant marks or scoring on the surface. Both sides are gridded to ensure that all of your cuts can be carefully measured and ruled. Also, the flip side of the mat provides a handy reference guide to angles, circles and ellipses. Perfectly suited to any arts, crafts and graphic design applications and can also make an excellent blotter.