Epoxy Gloss Black Carbon Architectural ( Interior Use Only )


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VViViD Epoxy Gloss Carbon


Use: Interior only.

Area of Use: Interior of vehicles, trims, dash, cabinets, tables and more! 

Life: 10 years +

Surface: Super High Gloss finish with scratch protection coating.

Related Products : VViViD Tek R Gloss Carbon (Exterior and interior). VViViD Epoxy Gloss Carbon(interior only)

Thickness: 6.5 mils


How the product is manufactured.

VViViD Epoxy Gloss Carbon is produced using the most realistic carbon weave available. The film is laminated using a “thermoform able” floating lamination. Basically, it’s a protective gloss layer that can be formed to complex shapes using heat. 

VViViD Epoxy Gloss (interior) should not be compared with VViViD Tek R (exterior). The visual aesthetic and effect are completely different. The scratch resistance of the Epoxy Gloss Carbon is extremely high when comparing it to it’s Exterior version. 


We guarantee the Epoxy Gloss Carbon is the most realistic Gloss Carbon Vinyl ever made. Period.