Teak Wood Grain Vinyl Car, Furniture, Appliances Wrap 3MIL RHINOC Diy VViViD XPO With Air Release - 1ft x 4ft


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VViViD wood grain vinyl is a flexible, protective coating that enhances the appearance of any surface it is applied to. Ideal for re-modelling. VViViD  wood grain vinyl is the cheap, fast, easy way to change the appearance of anything without the cost, time and mess associated with painting or papering. VViViD Deco films are architectural vinyl films that simulate a variety of synthetic and natural finishes such as metal, wood and lacquer. This new line will refresh, refurbish worn and outdated fixtures, surfaces and fittings. These finishes are extremely DIY friendly and can easily be applied by anyone on almost any surface. Reception desks, hotel rooms, offices, kitchens - the list goes on. It can be applied during work hours as there are no chemicals needed to install. This vinyl conforms to contours and bends easily, making installation a simple process. This is the most cost efficient way to bring life back to a surface. Not only is it budget friendly, it will also protect the surface from further decay.