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GTechniq EXOv3 Ultra Durable Hybrid Hydrophobic Coating

GTechniq EXOv3 Ultra Durable Hybrid Hydrophobic Coating

  • $5499

    Car washes don’t remove the EXO coating!

        • Creates a new layer on the surface
        • Hydrophobic properties repel dirt and water
        • Surface stays cleaner for longer.
        • Creates a glass-like shine that lasts up to 2 years
    Why use Gtechniq EXOv3? With EXOv2, Gtechniq broke the mould of durable coatings. For the first time, this category of coating offered a warm gloss look, slick finish, and unsurpassed water repellency, which when combined with easy application made it our best selling product. Gtechniq is always pushing the limits of performance coatings. Intense experiments and real world tests with a new ground-breaking, hard, organic material revealed we could offer a leap forward in the performance of EXO. Tests have proved conclusively that the harder material offered major improvements in durability, chemical resistance and resistance to surface staining (particularly from water spots), as well as retaining the warm gloss finish and superb hydrophobic function that made the previous formula a smash hit. 

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