DOSE Spider Silk Leather Strengthening Serum for Automotive Leathers, Bags, Coats and More (MCF)

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Did you know most detailing products you buy are from manufacturers in California? There are current and future laws in effect that ban many substances we once used in detailing our vehicles. Due to this, our labs are seeing that most of the cleaners, sealants and detailers are all variations of the same product. A company may showcase 200-300 products but they derive from 3-5 different formulas that are diluted, rebranded, mixed  and sold as different products. Most window cleaners are chemically the same as leather cleaners... What?? Unfortunately most of us detailers are resorting to creating our own formulas to keep us efficient and productive while offering customers the best results.  Dose set out to change this trend of products that kind of work in search for the best product you can possibly make for each specific use.  



Spider Silk:  Modern leathers are treated to the point that, well leather isn't really leather anymore... Vitamins, oils and most formulas offered will not do anything but make your leather sticky and wear out faster. Spider silk is a leather strengthening serum that bonds polymer micro-filaments deep in the leather to give it more elasticity and strength.

I know it comforts us to see "vitamin E added or aloe vera infused" unfortunately, modern leathers are more plastic than leather and you need the right blend of chemicals to keep it from cracking and fading.