DOSE Leather Truth Serum Ceramic UVB Coating with Matte Finish 16 oz


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  • Restore and protect the original finish of your leather using the newest advances in technology.
  • Ceramic infused formula allows for ultimate sealing and protection of your leather. Simply clean, condition and seal with Truth Serum.
  • Infused with UV absorbers to limit the harmful effects of the sun.
  • Easily applied and buffed off. Will last 6 months to 1 year depending on surface and application. Also works great on vinyl and other plastic trims
  • The name "Truth Serum" refers to the restoration of the original, true matte supple finish of your leather. Does not synthetically alter the look and sheen of your leather.


DOSE delivers everything you’ve used before, but never experienced! The new DOSE Leather Truth Serum is the final word in leather protection. Designed to go over conditioned leather, Truth Serum’s unique two-part ceramic-infused formula restores a natural, matte finish that repels dust particles and provides full UV protection, extending the life of your leather. This water-based cream dries to the touch in minutes and acts as an amazing top coat for conditioned leather. Also works great on artificial leather! Made in the USA!