Wrap Coin Reward Program

Join Vvivid's Loyalty Program


Every 1 dollar spent in our shop will earn you 1 point.


The more you spend the more points you get!
Every 15 points = 1$


Accumutale points and snag free products!


How Do I Spend Points?

You can redeem your points by going to the item page of the product you'd like and choose to purchase by clicking the "Buy for x WRAP COINS" button, under the "Add to Cart" and "Buy it now" buttons.

Presently you cannot combine multiple items into the same order. Items must be redeemed individually.

Can I get Reward Points for orders I placed before creating an account?

The points are linked to the email address used to place an order, so if you create a new account with the same email address used for your previous orders they will be automatically linked to your account, as long as the orders were placed after November 2016 (the time we started offering reward points).

I created an account with a new or different email address from my previous orders, or I have multiple registered accounts, can they be combined?

No. The rewards program is an automated system and our customer service cannot combine, move, or consolidate points that are linked to multiple email addresses.

If you change emails, please be sure to update your account instead of creating a new account.

How much does it cost to join?

Our loyalty program is totally free! You are automatically enrolled upon creating an account with our store.

How many Reward Points do I get from each purchase?

For every $ dollar spent (before shipping/tax) you get 1 Reward Point.

You can also view how many points you have accumulated by checking your account page, at the bottom under your order history.

Is there a limit to how many order points I can get or an expiration?

There is no limit and you can save them up to redeem on bigger orders, however, the points expire 180 days (~6 months) after the initial purchase transaction.

If your account is deactivated because of fraudulent chargebacks with your financial institution your Reward Points will be forfeit.

How much can I purchase with points?

15 Reward Points = $1

Please note, items redeemed using the reward points are subject to shipping fees that maybe require additional points to cover the costs.

If I want to place an order over the phone, do I still get points?

As long as you provide us with your email address at the time of purchase you will get Reward Points. You just have to login to your account to redeem them, or create an account using the same email address if you have not done this yet.

I purchased an item on Amazon or an Authorized Reseller/Distributor, do I still get points?

Unfortunately, Amazon, distributors and other vendors do not share account information and are not eligible for our store's rewards program.

If I purchase on your Canadian site and US site, are the points shared?

No, points are not shared through different country sites. Those sites have different offers and pricing.

I made a purchase but did not get points!

Simply let us know and we will investigate!

Please note, points are linked to your email at the time of purchase. If you used a different email address, we cannot combine them with your new email.

If I return a product, do I get to keep my points?

Unfortunately, any refunds, partial or total are point-deducted from your account.

If you return an item paid for with real money, without returning an item redeemed through the Rewards Program, your account's points balance will be reduced, or if the points value is not sufficient its value will be deducted from your refund. This is to prevent abuse of the Rewards Program.